With more than 2 acres of nursery, we welcome visitors from the public to explore our public farm at any time of the day when our doors are open. Feel free to browse around our nursery where you will learn more about how our plants are grown and the environment that they are nurtured. You will find that we have put in the best possible and natural growing environment so that our products are of the best quality. At our nursery, we grow a wide range of strawberries, herbs, several types of flowers, fruits, cactus and many more.

Our farm offers a wide variety of activities for everyone where you can check out how our plants are produced. We have the most natural eco-system where our produces are of the best possible quality. You are welcomed to come for our fruit tasting sessions where you can try out the freshest fruit produce from our farm, straight from the stems. We also have rear insects buzzing in our farm which if lucky you would be able to spot them. For the younger visitors, we have children activities where they can try out hands-on gardening, which they can pick up as a new hobby.