We are one of the pioneering nurseries in Malaysia to produce grapes at our own grape yard. Visit us at our farm here and you will be able to try our very own locally produced grapes which our customers have claimed to be as good if not better than imported ones. We have used our years of experience in fruit produce to ensure that our grapes are well grown and meet the standards of the market demand.

As the experts as well as the pioneers in grape planting in Malaysia, we are ready to provide our visitors with more than just information. We are one of the leading grape suppliers from Cameron Highlands and to the whole Malaysia, hence we are more than equipped with the business know-hows. If you are interested to be our business partners or customers, you can order with us in advance and we will follow through from there. Our grape plantation is revolutionary as we are very well developed and is collaborating in grape agricultural research here. We also welcome seed exchange programmes to further expand our research with our wide variety of grape seeds.