At Fragrance Nursery, we are one of the first grape produces in Cameron Highlands as well as in Malaysia. We have been actively involved with the production and growing of grapes in Malaysia in our farm here, pioneering the grape production industry that many believe to be impossible. Heavily invested in the grape agricultural research and development, our farm produces the most unique and sweet grapes for the Malaysian market.

We are one of the first nurseries in the country where grape is produced and we take pride in our achievements. Hence, we always welcome visitors and customers to come to our farm in Cameron Highlands to try out our Malaysian grapes as well as to experience how this fruit is grown here. This is where you will be able to not only experience the wonders of nature but also to learn more about how grapes can grow in our natural and cohesive environment. As one of the only produces of grapes in Malaysia, we also have a wide network of customers where we constantly supply our grapes to in and around Malaysia.